As always, when we talk about technology, we have to deal with all areas that the big hub encloses. Very often we are accustomed to thinking technology = computer or smartphone ( ideally the result of the equation can be customized according to the interests of each of us ) but, as we have seen several times in recent years, are many and varied fields which are completely disrupted by the arrival of new technologies.i campi che vengono completamente stravolti dall’arrivo di nuove tecnologie. 

We can just surf the Internet to realize that, almost on a daily basis, come out innovations that until the day before we thought impossible or simply our brain even take into account. It must be more or less the same thing that happened to many when a few weeks ago, the Pelican has shown its new generation of suitcases.

When as with the US company, you are moving in a particular market such as the military in specific cases or in any case in areas where professionals are looking for specific and efficient solutions, it is not very easy to go to present a new product – so for sports. Behind there are months and months of work and not just to make the coolest product, more beautiful, more cool, but because on one hand you should always honor the intrinsic quality assurance of the brand, and on the other because a small error design can cost you so much.

It is not simply an economic issue : take for example a journalist who has to make an important report and the camera from a few thousand euro goes down the drain because the O -ring seal is flawed or a fireman who uses a flashlight ATEX only to discover that for some problems the same does not meet the requirements that should really provide.

It is just this : who chooses Pelican and its products do so because they recognize in them a certain quality construction and research values ​​, perseverance, meticulous test severity, making it one of the world leaders in this field. As we said, a few weeks ago, the Pelican has introduced a new generation of speakers, Peli Air Case.

Within the chosen name for this new generation of crates, implicitly we find the hub that serves as the center of gravity of all this new product line. Air – Air in Italian – indirectly indicates that we are faced to a product that very probably is structured so as to have some advantage in relation to the weight of the same.

In fact, the new Air Hair homes are up to 40 % lighter than other polymer coffers. This means that any cash at the same size you are going to search the web, will still be heavier than the same Peli Case Air is actually not. The beauty is that everything is easily traceable through the technical features that are present on the site of the US company with convenient differentiation between the weight of the foam and without speakers.

Examined the numbers, it’s really hard going to fight back. To achieve this goal, the Pelican has been in against a lot of different iterations, over 40-year career, has allowed it to reach a level of perfection in the creation of the bags that provide this level of evolutionary step. 40% of lightness is not a trivial number of marketing, which is cool to put on the front page to attract customers ; when it is a company of this caliber, put his face on these numbers and then go up against completely opposite opinions can cost very dearly.

Despite its lower weight, the Air Hair Houses are still able to offer the same specifications, and security guarantees that the company offers transversely across its line of suitcases. The outer covering is made from polymer HPX new generation that confers resistance to bumps, drops, shocks and everything else, however, giving lightness to the suitcase. Continue to be present closures two-way, or that system of latches that allow the speakers to maintain the closure of the compartment even during quite lively conditions.

The handles are made of molded rubber to make transport more ergonomic even in the presence of water, as well as the waterproof O – ring seal guarantees the sealed closing of the bags whose contents can remain completely dry even in the presence of copious liquids. On the front, beside the new removable polycarbonate door – plate, is placed the highly acclaimed Vortex valve that allows the houses to properly balance the air pressure change through a self-venting.

The new Peli Case Air also complement the stainless steel fasteners that form the choir to a new style of the shape of the cover that the company defines a ” conic curve “. The Peli Case Air are also characterized by a new type of premium protection, established TrekPak ; What is TrekPak ? It is a system that uses sections of the walls ( partitions ) with locking bolts pre – mounted to which is coupled a cutting tool.

This new system allows to go to manage in a more practical and intuitive layout of the items you want to store within the Air Peli. It is enough to place the equipment, take measurements and cut the sections of the dividers and then secure them with the pins to ” U ” steel. The models, all available for pre-order on our website at 20 % discount, will be officially marketed from the end of June when they start to be shipped the first booked models.

If the Air Peli cases are the model you are looking for and if the many new features have convinced you, remember that all models are guaranteed for life. Do not be scare away the occasion of the 20 % discount.

Below are the links of Air Peli Cases:
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– Peli Air Case 1535 No Foam
– Peli Air Case TrekPak 1555
– Peli Air Case 1615
– Peli Air Case 1615 No Foam


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